At, I am supposed to be writing about how to grow your money. But let me give you a spoiler. I think your money is worthless if you cannot enjoy it due to health issues. Most of us probably are aware about it, and wish to pursue healthy habits. That’s why we make new year resolutions and take Gym memberships. Sadly, the dropout rate at Gym and the speed at which new year resolutions are broken show that there is lack of intent.

The motivation to earn money is all around us. There is an unhealthy competition around building your bank balance. Everyone is in the race to make the maximum moolah even if it requires some political tactics at office. If you ask young people to chose between “Being Rich” vs “Being Fit like an Athlete”, they are going to chose the former (majority of them).

But if you ask old people the same question, they would be willing to part with their millions to regain the youth, which is not going to happen at any cost.

Dalai Lama famously said, “Firstly, people lose their health to gain wealth. Then they lose their wealth to gain health”

It is never too late for all of us. We should push ourselves harder physically. Hire a personal trainer at Gym, or join a running club….or may be start playing some active sport on regular basis. Sweat daily. Let your heart show you how much it beats when it is happy.

Don’t make excuses about the lack of time. Enough of those. You can chose to wake up early, or leave office early. An hour a day of personal time for physical activity will earn you invaluable health. Avoid taking any kind of work or investment related stress. If the stress levels are going up, perhaps there is something wrong in the planning and execution. Figure that out !

Life is a precious gift ! Enjoy it to the fullest…

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates


By Sameer Rastogi

18 years of experience, PG in Finance and has delivered Wealth Management lectures at IIM Lucknow, IBS Gurgaon and IIPM Delhi. Contributed to various newspapers. Strength – Application of Economic fundamentals to Investment

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